Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sandbox Kings

With the first day of spring here, I thought I'd spill the beans on the new project that I've been working on. The working title is Sandbox Kings. Since I've been dabbling in art lately, I decided to go ahead and give inspiration a head start and do a few caricatures of my characters. The story revolves around 5 mad dukes of the Sando Realm and one pissed off fisherman girl that wants nothing to do with them. Alas......


Introducing...................... The gallant lover, snappy dresser, and the overall dandy of the realm -- his grace Levont de Chaud, Duke of the 1st chair. You'll get along great, as long as you don't bring your children to court, laugh, play music, or touch his parakeets.

I'm hoping to get all the characters fleshed out before continuing on.... the plot is twisting and turning in my head like a confetti hooker on LSD. The spring is making my hands shake and eyes wander to places they shouldn't. 

On the subject of naughty discoveries: Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer is well... wondrous. If you flip through the demented illustrations, complete with a horde of cartoon helpers and author interviews, you'd wonder how he's not in a penitentiary. Some wonderful insights from the wonderfully mad author. Today's favorite, as I am on the subject of that preachy mindfulness shoved down our throats by therapists and preachers:

"Immediacy: Your imagination thrives best when you live in the moment and fully experience everything that is going on around you. Even a fantasy writer -- especially a fantasy writer -- requires stimuli from the surrounding world. ... Being distracted from your environment is a direct hindrance to your imagination -- it blocks receptivity, it redirects passion and it ultimately channels your curiosity down well-worn and uninteresting paths."

As I was sitting today on the shore of a river, having a smoke after a healthful run, I thought how a rested mind opens and discovers new things. Fills the vacuum. How do you find that vacuum? Clutter is everywhere nowadays. Where do we find ideas and stories when our thoughts are blasted with daily garbage of the modern world? In the middle of my uneasy thoughts, I realized that I forgot to enjoy this beautiful spring day. Throw away the phone. Feed the ducks, people. Feed them and forget about the world for a day.